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The Redacted Mueller Report
Reading by US Congress at
4th Edition of the Musician's Business & Legal Guide
Ed. by Mark Halloran. Includes an in-depth chapter about why you want to get your agreements in writing in order to protect your copyrights. Written by Kathleen Williamson
How the RIAA cases work (or don't work)
Written by Ray Beckerman, Esq.
KXCI FM - Tucson/Arizona's Community Supported Radio
Kathleen is a supporter of KXCI Community Supported Radio in Tucson and also served on their Board of Directors for two terms. Tune in, listen, enjoy, volunteer, contribute!
kathleen's songwriting page
needs update but here's the essential info with links about Kathleen and her music
Online legal site serving LGBT community
Fair Trade Music US! Boycott RIAA products
Buy used CDs, buy local unsigned artists, go out and support local live music. The RIAA uses your money to sue poor people for 1000x the actual damages of a p2p download. Almost 30,000 people have been sued in the last 4 years with settelements at about $4,000 per case. Do the Math. People are still asking why the RIAA hasn't kept up with current technology? A: they'd rather litigate than innovate.
Professor William Patry Copyright Blog
A former professor from Yeshiva University's Cardozo School of Law in NYC, where Kathleen received her LLM in Intellectual Property Law (Copyright Law and Trademark Law) in 2005. Kathleen studied Copyright Law and Comparative Copyright Law with Professor Justin Hughes and International Copyright Law with Adjunct Peter Skolnik, who is also the attorney for David Chase (Sopranos) and the estate of Vladimir Nabokov. Professor Skolnik was once Patry's copyright student at Yeshiva.
American Songwriters Guild
A worthy nonprofit organization for professional or aspiring songwriters


Informative Links

WIPO on Intellectual Property and Book Publishing
An excellent publication about the intellectual property management of literary publishing.
Fair Use and Educational Film Showings
Basic Facts about Trademarks
Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual
EFF Bloggers Legal Guide
Arizona Revised Statutes Criminal Code
US Copyright Laws
Up to date complete US Copyright Law in pdf or html
Fair Use and User Generated Videos -CSM Report
Documentary FilmMaker's Fair Use Statement
Georgia Harper Copyright Crash Course
EFF Treatise on Internet Law
Electronic Frontiers Foundation Treatise on Internet Law